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In roofing, quality matters. This is a part of your home that protects everything else from the sun, the rain, and the storm outside. What is more, if properly installed and maintained, your roofing system should last for at least 30 years if not longer, but not all roofs do! That's why it matters who you have install your roof. At RelyOn Roofing we know how important your home is to you, and we want to help you protect it! Give us a call to see why we call ourselves RelyOn Roofing. We promise to build you a roof that lasts.
We do the job right!

Our Promise for the Environment

Asphalt shingles add to carbon emissions and are a major contributor to our landfills. We believe everyone can and should take action to protect and improve our planet. That's why we use Malarkey Roofing Products to supply our shingles. Malarkey uses old tires and plastic bags in the making of their asphalt shingles, which produces two WINS for our environment. First, it reduces plastic and rubber waste going to landfills. On average, every roof finished with Malarkey shingles on it upcycles 5 truck tires and 3,200 plastic bags. That is a huge win for our environment! Second, incorporating these materials into their shingles actually makes the shingles last longer and perform better. Malarkey shingles are some of the longest lasting shingles on the market -- that means they protect your home longer and don't go to a landfill as quickly, again reducing waste entering our landfills. A final feature we love about the Malarkey shingles is the smog-reducing granules Malarkey attaches to them. These granules actually capture carbon from the air. The average Malarkey shingle roof has the same effect on air pollution as planting two trees. We are proud to install Malarkey products and promise to continue doing our part to protect our planet.

Our Promise to Our Workers

The people on top of your roof, tearing off the old, drying in the new, and nailing down those beautiful shingles, are the backbone of our success as a company. What is more, they have bills to pay, families to provide for, and dreams to pursue in their personal life. Preserving our environment is important, vital to our future. We feel that preserving opportunities for meaningful work and a decent income is equally important as we work to build a brighter future for all of us. We are proud to work with the men and women we employ. We are proud to provide a way for them to make a decent income through their hard work and technical skill. We promise to invest in our employees by treating them fairly, helping them achieve their goals and recognizing the incredible contributions they make to our success.
Two Roofers Installing a New Roof

We Promise to Build You a Roof That Lasts.

We Promise to Do Our Part for Our Environment.

We Promise to Invest in Our Employees' Success.

RelyOn Roofing - This Is Who We Are!

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Incredible experience working with Jeremy. Professional, punctual, honest and hard working. Not much more you can ask for.

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They did an outstanding job. Hardworking, responsible, and trustworthy. We love the transformation!


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Your New Roof Protection System

A quality new long-life roof installation is a cohesive, coordinated system, consisting typically of 6 key components. Typical installations include an ice and water barrier, the underlayment, the starter shingles, the actual roofing shingles themselves, the hip & ridge shingles, and the attic ventilation.

Any roofer worth their salt will get the first five components right, and most will even install appropriate attic exhaust ventilation. But many roofers, even among the best companies, fail to ensure your attic has appropriate intake ventilation. Attic ventilation must be balanced between intake and exhaust. This is why newer homes typically include metal soffits with small holes that are supposed to allow air to flow into your attic. All too often, however, these air holes are covered by attic insulation. We solve this problem by installing deck air vents. Once you have proper intake ventilation to balance your exhaust ventilation you will see many benefits! Your AC bill will be reduced in the summer, you will have fewer problems with ice damming in the winter, the moist air that can cause mold and rotting will be circulated out of your attic, your shingles will last longer and, critically, your manufacturer warranty will not be declared void if you end up needing to make a claim against it. An effective ventilation system is critical in getting the maximum life from your new roof and intake ventilation is the key to that system working correctly.

Installed together ... correctly ... the roof performs better, lasts longer, and qualifies for enhanced warranty protections ... which is better for YOU and your home. 
Ice and Water Barrier In a New Quality Roof Installation

Ice & Water Barrier

Extra protection for leak prone areas.
Some areas of the roof are more prone to leaks than others, like roof valleys, roof edges, and roof-to-sidewall transitions where rain, snow, and ice are more apt to accumulate. In these critical areas, we recommend an initial, extra layer of protection, called an ice and water barrier.
Underlayment in a New Quality Roof Installation


Vapor barrier beneath the shingles.

Delivered in roll form, underlayment, as the name implies, sits under shingles (over ice & water barrier) and provides a water-resistant or waterproof layer covering the entire roof. We use various underlayments to accommodate differing performance requirements.
Starter Shingles in a New Quality Roof Installation

Starter Shingles

The first row of shingles fortifies the rest.

Starter shingles, placed at the eave and rake edges of the roof, are made with enhanced sealant and a modified size designed to extend up beyond the fastening point of the first course of shingles to fortify these more vulnerable shingles against wind uplift, shingle blow-up, and moisture migration.
Roofing or Field Shingles in a New Quality Roof Installation

Roofing (Field) Shingles

These shingles add color, style, and roof protection.

Roofing shingles, sometimes called field shingles, sit atop the underlayment and starter shingles. These are the shingles that add color and style, and most importantly, protect the roof from the elements. In order to provide a roof that complements your home the best, and fits your budget, we have 15 colors and 3 styles to choose from.
Hip and Ridge Shingles in a New Quality Foor Installation

Hip & Ridge Shingles

These add protection and dimension at roof peaks.

The highest point on the roof is called the ridge, the others are called hips. These high points can often experience greater damage from events like hail and debris. Hip and ridge shingles provide extra impact protection, as well as extra roof dimension for curb appeal, at these more vulnerable, visible areas.
Ventilation System in a New Quality Roof Installation

Ventilation System

Ventilation is simply the process of providing a continuous supply of outdoor air to the attic space of a home or building.

Proper ventilation reduces energy bills, winter ice build up, and eliminates mold and mildew, which can lead to major health problems. Ventilating the attic space extends the life of shingles, insulation, and other building components.

Simply having ventilation in an attic space, however, won’t properly ventilate a home. In order to have proper ventilation, ventilation needs must be specifically calculated based on attic space square footage and then installed correctly. 

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New Roofing Construction


Roofs are built foremost for the practicality, but it's also an opportunity to make a lasting impression. That’s why we give you several design, product, pricing, and warranty options ... to help you come to that best balance of price and value for your home!

A Beautiful Quality Installation Adds Years to Your Roof Life

The Myths of Expected Roof Life

Homeowners are told replacing roofs every 20 to 30 years is common. But in reality, many roofs may last only 15 to 20 years ...
often from poor materials or from improper installation.

We use some of the best materials on the market and do the job right, allowing us to offer you an excellent and extended warranty. When we install your roof you can rest assured that your home is well protected.

Our team is here for you from start to finish.
We consider it a privilege to solve all your roofing needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I repair my roof or replace it?

How long does a roof replacement take?

How does using your company divert rubber from landfills and decrease carbon emissions?

We proudly install Malarkey roofing products. Malarkey uses polymerized asphalt to produce their shingles, resulting in a better, longer lasting shingle, and the polymers come from recycled tires and plastic bags. The average roof recycles about 5 tires and 3,200 plastic bags. Additionally, Malarkey adds smog reducing granules to their shingles, so your roof will act similar to a tree, cleaning smog out of the air.

What if it rains or snows during the replacement of my roof?

Can you work on my roof in the winter?

How long will my roof last?

Do you work with insurance companies?

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